Once you log in to Wizer, you will be taken to the main page or Dashboard.


A. Wizer Community - click here to see all the Wizer worksheets shared by fellow Wizer users! This is also where you can share your worksheets with the over 1,000,000 users (and growing!).

B. Worksheets - here is where you will find all your worksheets (it also brings you to the current page).

C. Learners - here is where you can access your students' profiles (Awesome version only).

D. Help - Click here for micro-videos on the various features in Wizer

E. Settings - clicking the cog will allow you to change certain settings within your account

F. Create Worksheet - this is what you click to create a new worksheet

G. Here are the latest worksheets you created

H. Have a question - click the Intercom icon and our support team will answer your question (for Awesome accounts only). If you are using the free version, you can access help via email: [email protected].

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