Fill in the Blanks is a robust tool allowing you to differentiate how you wish to set up the question. Let’s take a look:


With each question you can:

  1. Space to compose your question (you can insert symbols, images, and links).

  2. Record audio for either instructions or the question (or both)

  3. Make a video for either instructions or the question (or both)

  4. You have 3 options with regard to a word bank.


a. Select None to have no word bank available.

b. Select Text if you wish to have a list of words available for students as a reference.

c. Select Click if you wish to have a drop-down menu with a list of options under each blank. Once a word is used, it is removed from the list.

E. Insert your complete text here. For each word you want to “hide” highlight and click “Blank It”.


F. After clicking BlankIt the highlighted word will be italicized.


When finished, click done.

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