This is how you use the table question:

  1. Set the number of rows and column to use with the table

2. Select the Answer type. Selecting Text will allow students to type in any answer. Selecting Word bank for the students will allow the students to select the correct word from a list bank.
This is used both for text and more importantly for images/audio.

3. Under the first column, enter the information in the cells that will be visible to the students (e.g., 1+1=, Cat, Image).

4. Click Key Answers (subsequent columns), to enter the answers which will be hidden and help the system auto-grade the students' answers. Place an answer in the cell in the same ROW (e.g., if the 1st cell is 1+1=, then the 2nd cell over will be an answer to 1+1 = . Note, for each subsequent cell you can put in any answer. Just click the cell that is the correct answer so Wizer's auto-correct will know how to correctly grade the question. Every cell that will be left empty will be open to the user to fill in a response; you will need to grade those individually.

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