To set a timer for your worksheet or schedule an assignment to only be available at a future date, simply follow these instructions:

On the worksheet editor- select the assign tab and create a new assignment either by class or by link.

Once the assignment is created and named click the clock icon as shown below:


On the menu that opens you are able to perform the following actions:


A. Assign a timer to the worksheet. Choose the number of minutes you would like to set for students to solve this worksheet.


Student view of timer

B.Scheduling - Select a date and time you wish for the worksheet to become available to the students and (if you wish) an end date where it will no longer be accessible for the students to answer.


Choose Month, Day, Hour and Minute

C. Select your time zone according to your location.

Please note if the student tries to enter a scheduled worksheet before the designated time, they will see the following message:

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