Here are the steps to assign new students to previous worksheets without seeing former students' scores:

  1. Create a new class (please note that the free version of Wizer allows for a maximum of 2 classes (Wizer Premium level allows for unlimited classes). To create a new class, click on the learner tab and then at the bottom, click, "Add Class"

2. Title your class (note the new class has a new code which you will share with your students).
3. Select the worksheet you want to assign to your new students. Click on "Assign to learners." Click on "Create another assignment." From the drop-down menu, select the name of the new class.

4. To see your new students' grades, you can either
a. Click on your class name in the Learners tab and select the class you wish to see the roster OR
b. Click on your worksheet, then click Answers, and select the name of your class.

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