Here are all the ways to assign worksheets to a student using the class feature. Please note you need to have created a class prior to using this method:


  1. Open the Assign panel from the worksheet's top navigation bar.

2. A window will pop up asking if you want to assign by Link or Class
(we will focus on the CLASS side).

A. Click on Create Assignment.

B. Select "Create Class.

C. Select the class name to which you wish to assign the worksheet. Then click "Assign"

The following image has 5 items to help guide you to set up your worksheet for your class:

A. Make sure to title the name of the worksheet to what you want. Otherwise, Wizer will use the title of the worksheet as is.

B. Slide the orange slider over to "open" and once you click save, students will have access to the worksheet. Slide it to "close" to prevent students from accessing it.

C. If you do not want to keep the scores, click the Trash icon. It will not delete the worksheet, but simply archive the students' scores.

D. Checking the shuffle box will randomize the questions' order.

E. Sliding over to "yes" will allow Wizer to auto-correct any closed type question (e.g., multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.).

Note, if you are assigning via a class, a student must (a) have a Wizer account and (b) be assigned to a class.

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