Student submissions are under 'Answers' from the top navigation bar of the worksheet.

You will then be directed to the answers page:

In the answers page you will be able to to the following:

A. Select the relevant class\assignment of your worksheet.

B. Check progress status of each student.

C. Student access- allow students to retake the same worksheet from scratch. (please note this is only possible after you supply initial feedback.) The default status will be locked after the student submits the worksheet, simply switch it to open.

D. NEW FEATURE (Premium users only): "Call it in" - allow teachers to call in the worksheet even if the student did not submit it for review.( this will basically hand in the assignment)

E. Save- save your progress while writing or recording your answers.

F. Send Feedback- Will send you feedback recorded or written to the student.( will show on the students link once revisited).

G. Download grades for the worksheet.

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