First, students have to submit their work (please note that it is a two-step confirmation process for students to submit their work). You will know that a student has submitted his/her assignment as there will be a blue ring next to his/her name.

At the same time, students will receive a message that they submitted their work:

For any question that you set to give auto-feedback (i.e., any closed type question {multiple choice, fill in the blank}) students can see their results.

For any open ended question or if you chose not to engage auto-feedback, you need to grade each one.
For open ended questions, you have the following tasks to do in order for students to see the results:

A. - Select the comment icon to leave a comment
B - Assign a grade point value in the yellow box
C - The student's response is in this section
D - This section is where you can leave your comment

Once you are done grading/leaving comments, go up to the top of the worksheet wherein the top right you will see "Save" and "Apply Feedback"

Clicking save will save your comments and scoring; clicking apply feedback will enable the students to see your comments and the scoring for any open-ended question.

Students then can refresh the page of their worksheet and see your comments.

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