You can share and/or collaborate on worksheets with other teachers by sharing your worksheet. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Method 1:

A. Go to the Dashboard and move the mouse over to the desired worksheet and click on share

B. You will then have 5 options to share your worksheet (3 via Social Media, 1 via Edmodo, and 1 via a link).

C. If you share by selecting "Copy Link" a window will pop up

D. When a teacher clicks on the shared link a copy of the worksheet will appear with the following header/set of instructions:

Method 2 for sharing:

A. Click on the specific worksheet to access the create/edit page. On the right side you will see the button "share with teachers":

B. A window will pop up with the following options:

The same 5 options appear along with the option to publish your worksheet to the Wizer Community's gallery. Sliding it over to YES will make your worksheet available to all Wizer users (all 500,000 of us!).

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