Rules allow you to assign either specific questions or whole worksheets to students based on their Learner Profiles.

Here are the steps to create a rule.

1. On the Learners Page, click on “Differentiation Rules.”


2. This is the main page where your current and new rules are held.


Here, you will see:

A. The symbol for Differentiation Instruction rules

B. The title of current rules

C. List of of criteria (filters) that create the rule

D. List of students whose Learner Profile match the criteria of the rule

3. Once you have created a title for the rule (A), you will see a notification that you need to create at least one filter (B) and the option to add a filter (C).


4. Adding a filter requires 2 steps.


A. The first step is to select a filter. The filter is one of the 4 categories from the Learner Profiles (Strengths, Challenges, Passions, Preferences). You can also use average worksheet score as a filter.


B. Once you have selected a category, all the attributes under that category will be made available.


You may need to scroll to see all the attributes (see the article on best practices for creating attributes).

C. Click Create Filter


5. Feel free to create another filter (A), delete the current filter (B) or click the check mark to save (C).


6. After saving the rule, all students who match the filters of the rule will be listed below.


Once you have assigned your students to rules, you can manage your learners by identifying the rule.


Click on “All learner rules” (image #1 below) and all the rules will pop up. Select the one you want.


All the students who match the rule will appear in the roster.

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