To create classes, you will want to first click on "Learners" (left side of your screen).

Then you will see at the bottom of the page the ability to create a class.

Our paid version (Wizer Awesome) has unlimited classes.

After clicking “add class” the following pop up will appear:


Click Create. Then you will be taken to the Class Dashboard. Click on the name of the class to change its settings.


This is what the settings page will look like (see below):


You will see:

A. The name of the course.

B. The list of students in the course.

C. The learner rules allows you to identify those students with specific attributes (see articles mder Differentiate Whole Worksheets and Understanding your Learners)

D. The code to invite students to this class (check out Invite Learners article)

E. A link to invite students to the class

F. A slider indicating if students will automatically be enrolled in the class or if you need to manually accept each request

G. Access the learner rules

H. The name of each student

I. The score of the latest worksheet the student completed

J. The learner rules

K. The last time the student was logged into Wizer

Clicking on Assignments will bring you to this page:


Here you can see all the worksheets assigned to the class, how many were turned in, and if you sent the students feedback.

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