Welcome to Wizer’s latest edition: Wizer Boost.

This plan includes all of the features in Wizer Create and the following:

✅ Downloading a spreadsheet of students’ grades - upload them write to your gradebook software or LMS gradebook (e.g., Canvas, Schoology).

✅ Assigning worksheet to more than one class - with Wizer Creator you still will be able to assign a worksheet to an unlimited number of students but now, you will only have one link to share. All the grades will be displayed in one list.

✅ Special assign settings - Shuffle, calendar, timer, & lock.

✅ Provide audio feedback to students’ work - cuts providing feedback time by 50% compared to typing.

✅ Enable the student to retake a worksheet - be able to see progress or areas of growth.

The features listed above used to be part of the Wizer Create (the free plan); we moved them over here to provide better value.

In addition, we have our newest Boost features:

Real-Time Statistics- See your students complete worksheets live!

Call-it-in - What happens when a student forgot to submit the worksheet? What if you want to provide just in time feedback to a student as they progress through the assigned worksheet? With our new Call-it-in feature, you can pull the worksheet into the submitted section to grade and/or provide feedback.

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