If you are a Wizer Lite user (free account), you will notice that not only will you have new features (hooray!) but also the name has changed to Wizer Create! If you signed up for Wizer in November of 2020, then you automatically have Wizer Create.

Wizer Create, like Wizer Lite, is and will remain free. Also, we have added several new features that used to be part of our Wizer Premium (our paid version):

  • Wizer G Suite App - organize your worksheets in Google Drive and transform your pdfs in a snap with our new app here.

  • Student voice - students can self-report on their academic strengths and areas of growth.

  • Student choice - increase student motivation by enabling the student to choose from alternative questions

  • Individualization and Personalization - individualize and personalize your worksheets with up to 5 differentiations rules which will automatically generate to each student’s worksheet.

  • Question types - use the reflection and word puzzle questions which now are part of the free Creator plan.

  • Video cropping - Split the videos in your worksheet to help your students focus better. Add questions in between different sections.

  • Audio recording - Students can now audio record their answers from IOS devices as Ipads.

We have also removed some features from Wizer Create (formally Wizer Lite) over to our new paid version, Wizer Boost:

  • Downloading a spreadsheet of students’ grades

  • Assigning the worksheet to more than one class - with Wizer Create, you still will be able to assign a worksheet to an unlimited number of students but now, you will only have one link to share. All the grades will be displayed in one list. **The limits do not apply to your existing assignments.**

  • Special assign settings - Shuffle, calendar, timer, & lock.

  • Provide audio feedback to students’ work

**Audio Recording of instructions and students’ answers will remain free to use.**

  • Enable the student to retake a worksheet.

If you need any of the above features moving forward and to see the new features - real time statistics and Just In Time Feedback to name a couple - check out Wizer Boost.

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